This Blog Is For Sale

Sadly, time has got the better of me and I am no longer planning to write on this blog.

If you are interested in purchase this domain then please contact us.

PS. Recent work has include a new website for Royal William Yard, what do you think?

Less is not more.... in the same way more is not less



A Minimalist Approach To Music

I'm a big fan of music and have always had a large collection of CD albums and a large Hi-Fi system. About 10 years old I ditched my old Hi-Fi in favour of a smaller Bose Wave sound system. The Bose Wave systems generate a huge sound from a very small footprint - it was a revelation and from then on I've always favoured small music systems rather than dominating Hi-Fi units which take up a whole wall! Over the last few years i've tried a variety of complete systems but I have settled on the following Read more [...]

5 Gadgets I Couldn’t Live Without

I'm an absolute sucker when it comes to gadgets. Every time I order something new i'm convinced that it'll change my life in some way! Most of the gadgets get forgotten after a few weeks, but the following technology I simply couldn't live without. I'm a little embarrassed that 3 of the items listed below are from Apple. I'm trying to kick my Apple habit but I believe they have made the best product to fit my life in each of these areas. A Mobile Phone - I don't have a landline telephone so Read more [...]

Becoming A Morning Person

I've set myself a new goal... Become a Morning Person I hate mornings. I really hate mornings. I'm very much a 'night' person. I find that I am my most productive between the hours of 10pm - 3am. There's no interruptions, nothing on TV and for some reason I find it easy to do the tasks which i've put off the day before. My mind works differently at night and it's easy to think through problems I may have had with work during the day. The Problem with 'Night' people Although this late night Read more [...]

My Minimalist Workspace

I spend approximately 50% of the time working from home as our office is over an hour's drive away. I decided to stop working downstairs and setup a dedicated area in my loft - else I would end up sitting on the sofa all day! I use the fantastic OneLessDesk from Heckler Design. An Apple MacBook Air, 27" Cinema Display and a wireless keyboard and mouse. I really must get myself a proper chair...not a dinning chair from downstairs! If case anyone is wondering, I live in the fantastic Royal William Read more [...]

My Minimalist Wallet

I really hate carrying things around with me that I don't need. The more you carry the more you stand to lose... i've learn the hard way! I hunted high and low for a small card wallet, but had to part with a huge sum of money for a Hugo Boss one. Not good! But now I only carry the following items: Good quality 'Hugo Boss' leather card wallet, containing: Two payment cards; personal and work. I can actually remember my card numbers for Internet purchases, but still need the physical Read more [...]

Overpay On Your Mortgage!

A mortgage can be your biggest obstacle towards financial freedom. Committing to paying £500-£1000 each month for 25-30 years is one of the main reasons that people feel they have to work indefinitely. Did you know that you can reduce your mortgage considerable by overpaying each month? When you make your standard monthly payment the majority of the instalment goes towards paying off the interest on the loan. In the early days it can be as high as 95%. Overpaying each month means contributing more Read more [...]

A Minimalist Was Born

My journey into minimalism started in the summer of 2010 when I had just finished working a 16 hour day to finish a client project. I thought to myself that the £2000 I had just made would pay my credit card debt. I then thought about where that £2000 had been expensive wrist watch that I had purchased 4 weeks previous. On one hand I had a great watch and on the other had worked 60 hours to cover it. Would the £2000 watch tell the time better than a £50 watch? No. Would it look nicer Read more [...]