TV Outside

Living Without A TV

You don't own a TV?...What's all your furniture pointed at? - J Tribbiani A few days ago I decided to disconnect my TV, cancelled my license and live without a television for 12 months. I've always been a late night TV fan; it gets to 10pm and I switch on to watch something before bed. But I do find that I end up going to bed around 1am every night after a worthless TV session. As part of my early riser challenge I decided the TV had to go. Pros You don't end up watching random repeats Read more [...]
MacBook Air

My Essential Tech List

I’m an absolute sucker when it comes to gadgets. Every time I order something new i’m convinced that it’ll change my life in some way! Most of the gadgets are forgotten after a few months and get sold on, but the following technology I simply couldn’t live without. (Note: This list will be updated as my lifestyle changes) iPhone – I don’t have a landline telephone so having a mobile telephone is vital for me. I believe the iPhone gives me the best all-round experience for my lifestyle. MacBook Read more [...]
Morning Glorious

Becoming A Morning Person

I hate mornings. I really hate mornings. I’m very much a ‘night’ person. I find that I am my most productive between the hours of 10pm – 3am. There’s no interruptions, nothing on TV and for some reason I find it easy to do the tasks which i’ve put off the day before. My mind works differently at night and it’s easy to think through problems I may have had with work during the day. The Problem with ‘Night’ people Although this late night working produces great productivity in the Read more [...]
Wetherby Case (Open)

The Ultimate Minimalist Wallet

I've long been a fan of keeping personal items to a minimum when outside the home. It allows me to worry less about losing important articles. After downsizing to a Hugo Boss card holder wallet 2 years ago, I have now taken the jump to using a Wetherby all-in-one phone wallet. The Wetherby is premium leather case which is well-made and looks stylish. It holds my iPhone and has 4 card slots (3 internal, 1 external).   Things I Carry. Debit Card This is my number one essential Read more [...]
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